Working alongside

local people

We cannot talk about conservation without working alongside the people and communities that live within the Chocó territory.  Through the strengthening of local capacity and community empowerment, our work contributes to the improvement of the local economy and the slowing of degradation of natural resources. 

Through environmental and socio-economic assessments that the community actively participate in, better strategies are established.




We work together alongside families of the “Association of national agricultural production of cacao for the sustainable development and conservation of the forests of Tesoro Escondido” ASOPROTESCO, located in Tesoro Escondido, in the province of Esmeraldas. These agricultural families are committed to the conservation of the forests and the species that live within them.  Thanks to dedication and work, they can count on a high quality product and deal directly with buyers. This strategy incorporates fair trade with the added value of forest conservation where the brown-headed spider monkey lives (as well as others of Ecuador’s most threatened species), developed with the participation and help of the chocolate company Bouga CacaO.


We know that for our projects to be sustainable long term, they need time and effort.

 Empowered and independent communities is our objective.