Volunteers Form



Do you want to know more about the last forests of the Ecuadorian Chocó?

Would you like to learn about another culture, way of life, and vision?

Are you attracted to the idea of living for a period of time within a majestic tropical forest full of monkeys and other animals that you wouldn’t be able to see in any other place in the planet?

We can all contribute in some way to a cause and become accountable for our actions during our time here on this earth. Our hearts have led us to help the Spider Monkey, its home, and all the life that lives in the Chocó forest in Ecuador.
You can join us in this initiative by becoming part of our Volunteer/Intern Program.
This program will allow you, besides having fun, to live amidst the Ecuadorian Chocó for a period of time, and contribute with the mission of the WASHU PROJECT as well as others. You can invest yourself in research (by learning and helping the researchers in the field), be a part of some of the development projects going on during your time within the community, or get involved in workshops regarding environmental education and sustainable development (you'll have the opportunity to learn as well as contribute with ideas.)